Let’s Grow a Party With Plants

Birthdays, Ladies’ Night In, and more

Build your own package for a customized planting experience! Base fee is $80 plus $5 per participant for plants (one each). Base package includes:

  • pots
  • soil
  • decorative pebbles
  • workshop setup
  • cleanup
  • fun plant facts during the potting session

Party Add-Ons

  • Upgrade to larger arrangements: prices vary
  • Upgrade to fancier plants or containers: prices vary
  • Craft project add-ons: crowns, seed bombs $10/participant

Dance Session

  • Create a dance ribbon from natural and reclaimed materials, followed by 10 minutes of music and movement, $10/participant

Interactive Science

  • How does a seed become a plant? Help our giant fabric sunflower seed sprout into a 20-foot sunflower and learn all about it! $30 for a 15-minute activity. Pairs well with making seed bombs!

Make it a story

  • With our base fee, we arrive dressed in company T shirts or polo with materials packed professionally in everyday boxes and duffels. For just 20$ more, bring a wood witch, fairies, or a wandering alchemist to your door, complete with magic satchels or fold-out curio cabinets and a story to tell.

Planning a party? Let’s chat!

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