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Birthdays, Ladies’ Night In, After School Enrichment, and more

Build your own package for a customized planting experience! Base fee is $50 plus $5 per participant for plants (one each), pots, soil, decorative pebbles, conducting a planting workshop for your group, setup, cleanup, and fun plant facts during the potting session. You can customize with larger arrangements, fancier plants, and more extensive workshops, lessons, and educational games. See below for some options!

Important notes: birthday parties and other events with children must have other responsible adults present for caretaking. Let’s Plant Something is not equipped to function as a child care service. Also, $50 base price is for East Bay area. Other locations may require an adjustment to price for travel.

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Party Add-Ons

  • How Does a Seed Grow? Guests learn about seeds and how they grow, complete with handling a variety of seeds and working as a group to help “sprout” a giant fabric sunflower seed into a 20-foot sunflower. A seed packet for each guest is included. Can be fine-tuned to suit any age group. Length: 30 minutes. Cost: base of $50 , plus an additional $2 per guest.

  • Pollinators and Their Habitat. Bees make great pollinators, but let’s not forget the bats! Guests learn about different kinds of pollinators and what they eat, and the habitats they need to survive. They’ll learn why pollinators are important and what we can do to help them help us. This workshop has a positive, upbeat, can-do tone and includes science-based information and specific steps to help guests feel empowered and hopeful about facing challenges. Includes hands-on pollinator games where age-appropriate, interactive learning about flowers and insect biology, and a packet of pollinator-friendly seeds. Can be fine-tuned for any age group. Length: 30 minutes. Cost: base of $50, plus an additional $20 per guest.

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