Art for Outside

A red-headed woman with her hair pulled back, goggles pulled up on top of her head, dirty overalls and T-shirt, smiling with lips closed. Behind, a garden fence with hand-painted signs "Welcome" and "sunshine" on reclaimed wood.

Nature is art enough on its own.

But sometimes we can give it a respectful nudge

Or add a bit of something we made ourselves.

A lumpy mud troll looks up from the sidewalk.
A joyful pumpkin queen dances with her tiny pumpkin minions
Every kid in the class made a pumpkin ghost for our entry in the school’s fall festival
A peaceful, shimmering blue dryad rests in the shade; her water gems winking in the sun
A colorful orb made of upcycled wine barrel rings, painted and nested like a ball of string.
Upcycled from wine barrel rings for a school garden


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