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Plant Some Birthday Fun

Swap “disposable” plastic party favors for a lasting learning experience! Let’s Grow Something will bring the whole plant-potting experience right to your location, complete with all supplies, fun plant science facts, and cleanup.

We used stamps to embellish these pots ourselves. Contact us for options.
Succulent Arrangements

A gift that stays fresh long after cut flowers wilt. Succulent arrangements are hardy, stylish, and can be adapted to a wide range of tastes and occasions: from ruffled pastel echeveria to clean, deep green, minimalist agave.

A rough grey concrete trough showcases shades of green succulents with an assortment of textures: sedum like jellybeans with rosy burnished tips, limey graptoveria, rose-tinged kalanchoe, spiderwebbed sempervivum.
Concrete containers look clean and modern
Garden Art

With a focus on repurposed and earth-friendly materials, Lets Grow Something is bringing art, plants and science together to make your outdoor and indoor spaces wilder and more magical.

The rocks have eyes! And craggy lips, and wonky noses. These colorful rockin' sculptures are just rocklike enough to blend into the garden if you're not paying attention.
These guys rock!

About Us

Photo of the artist: peering over brown-tinted sunglasses, maroon hat and red hair obscuring most of her face. A crooked smile means she might be up to something.

Designer-in-chief Heidi Doggett is a Lafayette resident with sixteen years of experience in floral design and a BS in sustainable food and farming. Considering her growing interest in urban agriculture and indoor gardening, you can expect to see new and innovative options appearing on this site soon!

A sharp-nosed, wall-eyed rock peers out of the soil as a strange hand scoops earth into a white pot nearby. Jagged green and white splashed across lamium leaves, clusters pf purple asylum, bacopa.

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